• Established in 1993, the LABOSPORT Group is a major international testing laboratory and consultancy organisation specialising in sports surfaces.
  • LABOSPORT has always been at the forefront of the industry. We constantly innovate to improve the quality, safety and the durability of sports surfaces and equipment.
  • Over the years LABOSPORT has developed a strong multi-disciplinary team with expertise in chemistry, engineering, agronomy, instrumentation and material science.

Mission and vision


The continuous improvement of sport infrastructures and leisure facilities around the world


We work with local communities (clubs, schools), as well as with world class stadia


Safety, performance, durability and sustainability

The largest scope of accreditation

Thanks to its leading expertise, Labosport participates in most of the technical committees held by sports federations, standards organizations and other official institutions in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Our laboratories operate quality control systems in accordance with the ISO 17025 standard whose scopes of accreditation are available on the websites of the respective accrediting bodies

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Testing according to Sports Federations requirements

FIFA Fédération Internationale de Football Association
World Rugby
World Athletics International Association of Athletics Federation
FIH International Hockey Federation
USGA United States Golf Association
ITF International Tennis Federation
ITTF International Table Tennis Federation

The FA England Football Association
RFU Rugby Football Union
England Netball
ECB England & Wales Cricket Board
FFF French Football Federation
FFR French Rugby Federation
LNR French Professional Rugby

FIGC Italian Football Federation
LND Italian National Amateur’s League
AFL Australian Football League
World Bowls
FIBA  International Basket-Ball Federation
Indoor sports : Volley Ball, Handball…
CPRA Canadian Parks & Recreation Association

Trade associations & Standards committees

A global presence

Our 25 year journey