Why measure?

The correct illumination for a sporting activity is essential for safety and performance of sports use

  • Impact on the playability of the surface both for the players as for officials.
  • Clarity for tracking sporting equipment including balls, shuttlecocks, etc…
  • Comfort and improved visuals for spectators.
  • Crucial parameter for the media especially during television coverage.

When to measure?

  • Rating of the sports venues for the organisation of official competitions.
  • Inspection of the works on completion.
  • Periodic check and diagnostics of the installation for maintenance operation/maintenance.
Indoor lighting certification - FIBA


  • LABOSPORT performs illumination levels checks according to the requirements requested by the sports federations and/or according to EN 12193 standards
  • The checking is done in one visit.
  • Night testing is necessary.
  • The test report is sent within 48 hours.

Type of checking

  • Checking of lighting levels.
  • Evaluation of conformity of the lighting level.

Test Equipment

  • The light meters used are calibrated with an calibration laboratory with ISO 17025 accreditation.
  • Laser pointers are used for accurate alignment of the photocell with the target (e.g. TV camera stand).

Lighting level check

Any kind of sports facilities EN 12193
Light and lighting – Lighting of sports facilities
✔ Checking the level of lighting for all sports practices, internal and external.
✔ Specific test area / size by type of facility.
Multi-sports halls
(Basketball, Handball, Volleyball…)
✔ Vertical lighting towards the cameras (ecam) and horizontal (Eh) in 135 points
✔ Horizontal lighting (Eh) 14 points.
Ground for Major Games
(Football, Rugby, Hockey…)
✔ Horizontal lighting (Eh) 33 points and vertical (Ev) 96 points. Checking the alternative lighting (Eh = 33 points).
✔ Horizontal lighting (Eh) 36 points and vertical (Ev) 77 points.
Athletic track FFA ✔ Horizontal (Eh) and vertical (Ev) lighting: number of points adapted depending on configuration.

Graphical representation of lighting level ( IN LUX)

Heatmap range
lighting heatmap

Results and report

LABOSPORT prepares an inspection report with a graphical representation of the lighting level detailing the values achieved for each zone across the surface.

The report also includes details of all the measurements and a notice of compliance (or not) of the facility, in relation to the relevant requirements (Federal regulations, standards, specifications).