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Dr. Baoxin Chang
General Manager
Turfgrass physiology and ecology, soil sampling and soil/water/plants interaction, Research, Consulting, natural turf evaluation and managment, nutrient and water management for turfgrass, training/education.
Favourite Quote
Be humble and be kind.
Job Summary
Finalize test reports to customers, on-site consultation as needed, small amount of on-site soil and/or water sampling. Represent company at conferences and trade shows.
Career Accomplishments
I've earned my bachelor's, master's and phd in turfgrass science, agronamy and soil science,respectively. Rich expeirence in research and scientific writing, with many scientific research paper published and professional report delivered to customers. Given presentations at national and local conferences several times.
Languages Spoken
English, Chinese.
Traveling with family, playing/watching sports, music, video games.

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