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Sharon Singleton-Bruce
Managing Director & Laboratory Manager
Laboratory testing, quality assurance to ISO17025 and materials selection in constructions
Favourite Quote
Team-work makes the dream work!
Job Summary
My main role is to manage the day-to-day running of the laboratory and having responsibility for implementing and maintaining ETL’s quality management system to ISO17025 as well as keeping the financial records in order. A large part of my daily role also involves checking data, issuing test results and client liaison.
Career Accomplishments
Having joined ETL in July 1997, I have seen the company grow year-on-year. Starting as a Laboratory Technician to becoming Lab Manager in 2008, and now Managing Director is both a personal growth and commercial growth journey for me. Over this timespan, it has truly been a privilege to have worked with so many well-respected people in the sportsturf industry, and for so many fantastic venues, too many to mention!
Languages Spoken
I love the outdoors - walking, photography and catching up with friends! Hoping to get back to tennis at some point too (I used to play and coach a lot).

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