The LISPORT™ XL is a new generation of wear simulation machine replicating realistically wear simulation of sport fields after years of usage. The wear pattern is characterised by the compressive stress of football studs (cleats) and the abrasive wear caused by flat-soled sports shoes.

Testing duration is reduced by a factor 10 compared to traditional LISPORT™

Developed over five years, extensive trials have shown the LISPORT™ XL replicates the wear patterns observed on real fields. A major step forward, it is already adopted by the industry as the most state of the art means of producing realistic simulated patterns.

The equipment offers numerous advantages:

  • Wear pattern is ultra realistic and capable of simulating years of intensive use* within days
  • Equipment is CE marked with a high end safety system
  • Several systems can be tested under exact same conditions for comparative test and product development
  • Samples are more than 4 m long allowing multiply tests to be performed according to existing standards (EN/ASTM/DIN/NF…) and those under development

* Note: Labosport analysis on the basis of 10 years of usage at 70 hours a week

See our product brochure: Lisport XL