Why innovate with a new Motorized Multisport Rotational Resistance?

The LABOSPORT Motorized Multisport Rotational Resistance (2M2R), is the ultimate way to measure torque and angle on the field or in the lab.
The 2M2R allows for targeting the right value for safety, and playability according to sport and players characteristics.
Results can be easily benchmarked with other surfaces and with data from existing studies : sports governing bodies, biomechanical labs.

With live Torque and angle recordings the 2M2R provides Torque max and rotational angle at Torque max. As measurements are controlled and adjustable, the 2M2R allows multiple setups replicating different sport configurations. The MRR is motorized, which allows quick and efficient measurement on the field.

Reliable data – Reliable benchmark Safer playing conditions – Motorized Multisport Rotational Resistance

Motorized Multiport Rotational Resistance
Motorized Multiport Rotational Resistance

Technical specifications

The Labosport Multisport Rotational Resistance(2M2R) offers multiple configurations.
Both load and speed are adjustable and controlled.

Adjustable load range

From 46 kg/101.4 lb (FIFA) to 300 kg/661.4 lb (NFL)

 Motorized torque

Footwear can be adapted

Different soles replicating any type of shoe design

 Motorized Multiport Rotational Resistance

Controlled speed

According to sport specification: Football, Rugby, Soccer

 Motorized Multiport Rotational Resistance