LABOSPORT has participated in a research project with the prestigious National Veterinary School of Maison Alfort (ENVA) to lay the foundations for the objective characterisation of horse racing tracks (gallop, trot, CSO). From this research project the company has gained  unique knowledge and expertise in this area.

The research objectives were:

    • Developing new testing material and protocols.
    • Improving material on fields and in laboratory.
    • Determining physical characteristics and surface composition to define the variables that may improve the performance of surfaces in terms of safety and comfort of the animal, also depending on the purpose for which this surface is expected.
    • Determining dynamic properties of the surfaces assessed using the equipment developed by the company.


This research led to the development of a new testing equipment, the Equine Dynamic Impactor (EDI), allowing to characterize surface essentials, such as:

    • Reaction force at impact and cushionning (through shock absorption)
    • Energy Restitution (also called Responsiveness)
    • Shear strength of the surface (Grip or traction)

The operating principle is to measure the deceleration of a body in free fall to the ground by accelerometric sensors. Speed and movement before and after impact are calculated by successive intégrations of deceleration.