Labosport Group Announces the Appointment of Roberto Armeni to Chairman of CEN-TC 217

LYON, FRANCE – Labosport Group is pleased to announce Roberto Armeni has been appointed chair of CEN-TC 217. CEN is the European Committee for Standardization, a network of 34 countries recognized by both the European Union (EU) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) as the body responsible for establishing and defining voluntary standards at the European level.

TC-217 is the Technical Committee for sports surfaces. Its sub-committees cover test methods, classification, environmental aspects of sports surfaces, surfaces of sports halls, turf areas, unbound mineral surfaces, synthetic surfaces, angled ball behaviour, shock absorption and friction.

Armeni has been an integral part of Labosport Group for many years, working across strategy, transformation, and innovation. He brings deep technical insight to his new appointment.

“As the world’s largest sports testing institute, Labosport is happy and proud of this appointment,” said Gabriel Gendreau, CEO of Labosport Group. “It clearly states our ambition to take our responsibility, for the common interest of the whole sport surface industry. With his long career at Labosport, undisputed technical know-how, and a strong sense for quality, he was the natural candidate.”

Throughout his 34-year career, Armeni has maintained numerous leadership positions focused on strategy and improvement initiatives within the industry. Since 2003, he has led the sector in national and international seminars where he is regularly the auditor or guest speaker. He was the consultant to the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) during its outline of the test protocol for artificial grass surfaces, now in its 3rd edition. He is also the coordinator for the Italian Standardization Body (UNI) working group CT020/GL03.

Armeni is often the Party-appointed Technical Consultant (CTP) in Preventive Technical Assessment (ATP) expert activities in legal disputes related to production defects or damage suffered by installed products such as 11-a-side football fields, 5-a-side and 7-a-side football fields, tennis courts, athletics tracks, wooden gyms, PVC gyms, and playgrounds.

Armeni was appointed to the Board of Directors of the International Association for Sport Surfaces Sciences (ISSS) in 2011. The Association brings together laboratories and experts serving in the sports sector and acts as a comparison body between the numerous countries for the verification of the development of test techniques. In 2015, Armeni was nominated president of the Association.

In an ongoing project with the University of Pavia, Armeni works in collaboration with Mauro Testa, Professor of Ergonomics and Remo Lombardi, Professor of Electronic and Computer Bioengineering. The work includes a comprehensive study on the behaviour of sports surfaces in reaction to a variety of stressors and it involves the collection of data from professional athletes.

Armeni received his degree in electrical engineering and electronics in 1987 from the State Industrial Technical Institute A. Badoni – Lecco.

About Labosport Group
Labosport Group is a multinational corporation that is engaged in delivering safety, performance, durability and sustainability to sport facilities and playgrounds. It is the world leader in sports field testing and certification.

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Labosport Australasia-Turf Rootzone Performance Testing samples

Labosport Australasia opens turf and soil testing laboratory and has launched a remote Turf Rootzone Performance Testing service

Fiber performance index - Labosport

Labosport Fiber Performance Index, an objective measure helps French customers choose landscaping turf

Fiber performance index - Labosport

With artificial grass being increasingly used for landscaping applications around the world (gardens & terraces, recreational & parks, urban landscape beautification), Labosport decided to launch in 2017 the Fiber Performance Index for landscaping turf, a declination of its FPI index for sports turf.

The FPI for landscaping turf is an objective laboratory assessment of the artificial turf, with tests designed based on Labosport 25 years quality control experience. Tests focus on characteristics most frequently sought out by end-users and clients, on top of color and aspect: softness, durability and environmental compliance. For instance, the turf is submitted to intense UV radiations followed by mechanical wear with the Lisport™ machine, which allows to simulate several years of ageing in the laboratory.

The index has been adopted by top quality manufacturers, in France and in the US, allowing French clients of the retail gardening chain botanic® to choose the turf quality that corresponds the most to their need.

turf CASE

SEAC has adopted its final opinion supporting the restriction of eight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)

Helsinki,18 September 2019

SEAC adopted its final opinion by simple majority, supporting the proposal by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and following an earlier opinion by the Committee for Risk Assessment (RAC) in June.

The restriction proposal lowers the total concentration limit of eight PAHs to 20 mg/kg(0.002 % by weight). The concentration limits for PAHs in mixtures supplied to the general public are currently set at 100 mg/kg or 1 000 mg/kg for each of the substances. The PAHs all have been identified as causing cancer and the proposed concentration limits will be closer to the limit values for individual PAHs in articles supplied to the general public (entry 50of REACH Restrictions list).

SEAC concluded that the proposed restriction is the most appropriate measure to control the risks posed by these substances, and that the measures proposed would be proportionate to the risk with limited economic impacts. The proposal does not affect existing fields but will ensure that the material used for maintaining (refilling) the fields is below the new limit. The final opinion of SEAC will be published in the coming weeks.


Labosport acquires TGMS Ltd a sports surface consultancy specializing in the design & management of natural and artificial turf sports pitches in the UK.

Labosport, a leader in sport surfaces testing, announces that it has signed today an agreement to acquire TGMS Ltd (“TGMS”), a sports surface consultancy specializing in the design & management of natural and artificial turf sports pitches in the UK. TGMS offers a comprehensive range of services including feasibility studies, design and contract supervision to support the construction of new sports pitches as well as the remediation of existing pitches.

TGMS has a broad range of experience, ranging from local playing fields and schools, through to National and International Stadia.

The acquisition has been made through Labosport PSD (“PSD”), the specialist entity of Labosport for natural turf consultancy in the UK. Together, PSD and TGMS employ some of the most highly qualified and experienced engineers and consultants available. Charles Henderson, PSD’s Managing Director: “This investment provides us a unique opportunity to improve service to our clients with a better geographical coverage, new technical services and bringing nine of the countries respected agronomists and project manager under one roof along with CAD and surveying specialists. This enables PSD, TGMS and ETL to deliver projects from inception to completion and ongoing maintenance and monitoring in-house, all to standards accustomed to our companies”

Richard Earl, TGMS’ Managing Director, commented on the acquisition: “This is a very exciting development for TGMS as it brings together two unique sets of resources and expertise in the field of sports surface design, construction and maintenance. I very much look forward to working with Charles and his team to develop what was already a mutually beneficial professional relationship in the coming years”

About Labosport

Labosport is a leading group of independent laboratories and institutes dedicated to sports surfaces testing and certification. With 140 employees in 13 countries, the Group offers a wide portfolio of test methods as well as technical advice and consultancy services for natural turf and synthetic sport surfaces. As one of the most innovative and quality oriented players in its industry, the Group draws on the latest developments in the field of agronomy, engineering, and chemical analyses.

About TGMS

TGMS provide technical support and consultancy services from project inception through to completion. The company’s extensive project portfolio incorporates a diverse range of clients. These include community and professional sports clubs, local authorities, schools, contractors and developers. Alongside consultancy services, the team has a long-standing commitment to research and is currently involved in research projects with Sports Governing Bodies and Universities.

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