Labosport offers a comprehensive suite of tests for facilities during construction (both renovations and new builds). These tests are related to build quality and compliance with design specification / legal requirements; they commonly include the follow:

      • Formation inspection (slope, evenness, stiffness and drainage)
      • Sub-base and macadam layer inspection (compliance of material used, stiffness, layer thickness, permeability, evenness, slope…)
      • Shockpad / E-layer (slope, tensile strength, thickness, permeability, evenness…)

Site samples are commonly taken to the laboratory for enhanced checks including tensile strength (joints and layers), material classification / grading and many other quality control checks.

These inspections provide a quality assurance of the installation to ensure the facility is being constructed to the correct standards and with the materials as specified. These tests and checks provide quality assurance and will help identify any potential problems whilst it is still relatively easy to rectify. This limits the risks to all parties involved in the project.

Labosport have the appropriate insurance backing for professional indemnity for all works undertaken.

The construction of a sport facility is very specific and usually presents a few particular risks that have to be well evaluated and managed throughout the project. Our experienced civil engineers will help you avoid critical mistakes. We make sure that the construction goes on smoothly by testing the quality of materials used, assessing the quality of works, the planarity of each construction layer and providing you with an independent advice at every crucial step of the project.