Field testing – Initial certification after installation of sport surfaces

Field inspections are undertaken to valid the quality of the surface and to ensure that the facility has been installed complying with the relevant standards and regulations. LABOSPORT have extensive global capacity including several subsidiaries and teams across the world. This enables us to undertake tests, respond quickly to client demands and provide a cost effective solution for the full range of field tests.

Our performance testing provides validation that the surface conforms to the appropriate national and international standard(s) such as:

  • National and International standards : EN, ISO, ASTM, NFP, BS, CSA, etc…
  • National and International Governing Body standards; FIFA, World Rugby, IAAF,FIH, ITF, AFL, FEI etc…

Field Testing – Periodical Inspection: re-Certification

Sports facilities will often need to be re-tested on a periodic basis to ensure conformity to the required standard(s). This can be linked to a particular requirement of a specific competition (i.e. part of sports federation’s regulations) or to ensure the facility is still ‘fit for purpose’ and being managed and maintained to the required standard.

Regular re-testing is required by several sports federations / governing bodies to retain the initial classification / accreditation of the site.

Testing with AAA