A synthetic turf sports surface is a complicated piece of engineering that is designed to have the correct sports properties, provide comfort and safety to the players, withstand a range of often harsh climatic conditions and be sufficiently durable to perform for eight to ten years.

Questions you might ask about synthetic turf field:

  • How does the surface’s construction influence performance?
  • How to improve performance when testing in the laboratory?
  • Why do we need to check the UV stability of synthetic turf components?
  • How to reach FIFA 2*… and much more?
  • Field testing, what are things to look out for and how do you attempt to resolve:

-Ball rebound too high
-Shock absorption too low/high
-Deformation too high
-Ball roll to long
-Rotational resistance too low/high
-Skin friction too high

  • Is there test method to resolve Heat problem?

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