• Our team offers a unique combination of cold-season and warm-season grass expertise gathered on prestigious projects and major sport events.

  • Labosport ScorePlay™ , is the concentrated essence of our multiple experience combining tradition and technology.

  • Labosport offers consultancy advice and practical solutions for every form of sports natural and hybrid turf.



Existing and new site assessment

We conduct detailed assessments of existing and new sports surfaces to facilitate identification of problems and outline remedial solutions available with budget costs. This provides clients with a start point for any potential maintenance, renovation or construction works required.

Design, tender and procurement

Where the client decides high value renovation or construction works are required to facilitate improvements, Labosport group lead a fully independent design service. This includes delivery of detailed CAD designs to recognised engineering standards, specifications of works and materials and development of contract documents. From here projects can be tendered and/or negotiated to contractor appointment.

Project monitoring contract administration

Working within contract framework we facilitate pre-commencement meetings, site monitoring visits and site visit notes, contract valuations and budget management. Labosport group continue their management through to completion of End of Defects certificates and release of project retentions

Renovation of surfaces

Successful maintenance of surfaces requires correctly implemented surface renovations, we diagnose limitations of surface and prescribe annual works to help rectify these limitations helping surfaces stay in best conditions for as long as possible.

Maintenance of surfaces

We work with many of our clients providing independent support and maintenance programmes covering fertiliser, pesticide programmes and turf enhancement products for applications. With an increasing number of products available Labosport group specialise in ensuring clients know which products are genuinely effective within their situations and similarly which to avoid.

Labosport ScorePlay™ Pitch Quality Testing

In depth technical and objective assessments of sports surfaces using the latest industry and Labosport developed testing equipment to provide the industries most comprehensive pitch testing service. This provides venues with an unrivaled perspective of pitch quality. To know more about Labosport ScorePlay™ Click here

Education and training

Using Labosport Group industry exposure to the latest technological development it ensures the knowledge and advice given is of the highest standard and representative of the group knowledge not just individuals. We work education and training into our services for several of our clients and can develop bespoke training course with our partners. Click here


Working with irrigation specialist we can complete reviews of irrigation systems from source to surface application including performance assessment, ageing reports and full design and specification of new systems.

Topographical surveys

Labopsport have inhouse surveying capability for the competion of new and existing site surveys along with completion of as-built plans as part of their contracts. Labosport group also have the latest in house drone mapping technology for completion of drone as built surveys and NDVI plant health mapping.


We keep in house CAD technicians who can produce drawings to recognised standards which can be used for submission with planning applications and tendering of works.

Material analysis & suitability

Working with sports materials specialists, we have specialist knowledge on material requirements from particle size analysis to hydraulic conductivity. We are able to review materials proposed for use and implement quality control of materials throughout projects.