construction quality assurance

The design and installation of a sports facility is a significant investment. The Labosport Construction Quality Assurance programme ensures that all aspects of the design and construction complies with the relevant regulations, follows best practice, matches the design specifications and meets the needs of the client.

Labosport provides verification throughout the whole process of construction quality assurance from design review of technical information including drawings to final testing and validation based on the regulations of governing bodies such as FIFA, FIH, IAAF, etc..


construction quality assurance stages
  • Identify design flaws
  • Review relevant governing body requirements
construction quality assurance stages
  • Base layer formation
  • Material Quality
  • Surface Regularity and stiffness
  • Porosity levels
  • Sports surface installation ( Visual inspection, material quality assurance)
construction quality assurance stages
  • Certification to national or international standards
  • FIFA, World Rugby, FIH, ITF, IAAF, ECB


  • Our experts help you understand design requirements for the sporting profile you envisage. We help you specify your facility in terms of performance required for sports to be played.
  • We undertake Key Stage engineering inspections during construction, so that quality can be assured for each element of the construction, prior to the next element being constructed, thus avoiding expensive remedial actions.
  • We undertake performance testing upon completion of the project.