Equestrian sports such as show jumping or track racing require the surface to be well designed and managed in order to minimize the risk of injury to the horse.

For several years Labosport has been working alongside bio mechanics experts from across the world to develop a unique expertise in equestrian surfaces.

Our equestrian surfaces testing systems are based on the latest scientific work.

Testing uses specialized equipment that accurately reproduces the impact of a hoof in contact with the ground (angle, speed, energy). The device precisely measures the response of the surface using a number of sensors, allowing us to characterize hardness, flexibility, adherence and homogeneity of the surface, as felt by the horse and rider.



Hardness of the top layer. The firmness represents how the shock wave forces are distributed during the landing phase.


An indication of the hardness of the under layer​ and the protection offered to the horse.


This refers to the resilience of the surface to return to its original form.


Grip aids in absorbing shock during the landing phase and provides support and traction during push off and turns.​

Together they form Homogeneity

We test these properties on all kinds of surfaces : Riding school, show jumping, Racecourse or field racing, Polo. ​

  • For training, we need a floor that is comfortable enough for the horse to freely and fully indulge and also one that is safe and assures protection. ​
  • For CSO events, we generally look for a floor that favors performance. ​
  • For a galloping track, a loose and a generally deep surface is required.​


Surface quality control

The flagship service!

On site, we test your surface for every parameter: the impact toughness, flexibility, adhesion, homogeneity, moisture behavior.​
In the case of synthetic soil, an additional laboratory analysis ensures that the selected composition (sand, fibers, paraffin) is perfectly adapted to the use and environmentally (dust and volatile emissions)

Construction, Renovation, Consulting

We can assist in the construction or renovation of your surface: review of plans, quality of the proposed materials, technical advice and recommendations at each key stage of your project.

Dedicated agronomy services

Our agronomists can perform a complete diagnostic of your natural turf (health, diseases, pests, etc.). 

The shooting by drone can give an accurate view of the quality of your ground cover and help identify areas of wear or defects irrigation, drainage.