Synthetic sports surfaces such as artificial turf or gymnasium floors are specifically designed to provide users and athletes the best playing conditions.

In many sports such as football, rugby, volleyball and handball, athletes frequently slide and fall at high speed. Therefore, one of the challenges manufacturers are facing is to offer a surface that will not burn or generate too much friction during these common playing actions.

With this in mind, Labosport has developed a new friction equipment realistically simulating the fall and sliding of an athlete on the surface by measuring the temperature elevation felt by the players.


  • Athlete weight : from 25 to 150kg

  • Falling / sliding speed : up to 5m/s

  • Sample size : 5m x 0,4m

Friction test

Example of possible application for the Friction Test

Chemical companies
Polymer suppliers

Design material or additives for synthetic surfaces with reduced friction and/or temperature elevation properties.

Friction test

Turf manufacturers
Infill manufacturers

Design artificial turf systems with reduced friction properties. Turf and any type of infill can be tested separately and/or combined.

Friction test

Indoor sports flooring

Design indoor sports floors with adequate sliding and friction properties.

Friction test

Sports Association
Designers Owners

Include friction or sliding recommendations in their Quality Manual or technical specifications

Friction test


What can be tested ?

Samples tested

Range of results (dry tests)

Parameters of Influence

Synthetif turf fibers & Turfs

Synthetic turf sample is tested without infill material.
Test method for FPI Sport

78 -127°C

Polymer, profile
Pile length and tuft density

Performance infills

The performance infill is tested using a support turf (40 mm). The support turf is filled with no free-pile (infill at the surface)


Nature, surface morphology,
shape, granulometry

Synthetic turf systems

Sample of full system is prepared using Manufacturer specification and then tested


Free-pile (infill reduce friction) type of fibers
type of infill

TURFS : 78°C TO 127°C

INFILLS : 40°C TO 125°C

The Friction test is part of the Fiber Performance Index for artificial turf for sport applications