Goal line technology has become an integral part of professional football. Many football leagues across Europe now rely on the technology to support decisions marginal goal events.

Due to the critical importance of the goal decision, FIFA have developed a certification programme for goal line technology to approve commercial systems for use in the game. The certification programme includes both system tests, and annual final installation tests for all stadia venues. https://football-technology.fifa.com/en/standards/goal-line-technology/.

Labosport are a FIFA approved goal line technology test institute and have conducted annual final installation tests in hundreds of football stadiums around the world since 2013.


For all stadiums, each goal line technology installation is subjected to a rigorous annual test and certification process before it can be used in match play. The tests are designed to challenge the ability of the goal line technology to accurately indicate if a goal has been scored or not. The tests include a myriad of marginal and restricted view goal scenarios. The testing requires extensive specialist equipment including calibrated high-speed video (2000 frames per second), ball cannons and target apparatus.

goal line technology testing


Labosport annually test goal line technology installations for the world’s most famous stadiums and leagues and competitions including;

  • English Premier League
  • France Ligue 1
  • Italy Serie A
  • 2014 FIFA Wold Cup Brazil.
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League