Field Testing & Certifications

Testing and certification of sports surfaces are required to ensure that they meet certain safety and performance standards. These standards are put in place to protect athletes from injury and to ensure that the playing surface is suitable for the sport in question.

Testing is done to measure various physical characteristics of the surface such as shock absorption, slip resistance, and ball bounce. These characteristics can affect how the surface performs during play and can also affect the risk of injury to athletes. A surface that is too hard may not provide enough shock absorption, increasing the risk of injury, while a surface that is too slippery may increase the risk of falls and injuries.

Certification is the process of verifying that a surface meets the standards. Labosport will conduct tests on the surface and issue a certificate of compliance if the surface meets the required standards.

It is also good to keep in mind that sports surfaces are exposed to different weather conditions as well as the wear and tear from usage, so regular testing and certifying is needed to ensure that the playing surface remains safe and suitable for play over time.