Labosport ScorePlay™ Philosophy


  • LABOSPORT ScorePlay™ is the most innovative and comprehensive offer on the market to monitor your sports field.
  • We perform a wide-ranging assessment of your venue including:
    – A full agronomy diagnosis,
    – An evaluation of your field essentials (planarity, drainage, irrigation system…),
    – An objective measurement of playing performance including player-surface and ball-surface interactions.
  • We have developed this unique service based on our 20-years sports field testing and agronomic expertise.

Whether a top class stadium or a community field, we work with you to adapt to your bespoke needs:

  • Our experts help you understand the current condition of the pitch including the effectiveness of your maintenance and adapt accordingly.
  • You can follow the performance of your field over time, before and after key tournaments or events (including non-sporting).
  • You can communicate results to the players, community, your staff and all involved stakeholders.
  • You can easily benchmark and compare your field with other venues.
  • ScorePlay™ is flexible in order to allow assessment for different sports and climatic conditions enabling a fully customized solution.

Labosport ScorePlay™ is available for Baseball, Cricket, Football and Rugby

ScorePlay™ Reporting

A clear executive summary

  • Overall score as a percentage
  • Detailed executive summary which is presented without technical jargon

Expert interpretation

  • Identification of key mechanisms influencing the properties for your field
  • Detailed report and analysis of results
  • Independent expert advice and proposed corrective actions
  • Comparison with other ‘similar’ fields and your own field overtime
  • Our extensive database of sports fields tested around the world including elite and community facilities are used to define and guide our interpretation of findings

A powerful interface with detailed findings

  • Mapping of key criteria to identify surface consistency making it easy to spot areas of concern
  • Data presented using our unique scoring system
  • All parameters are weighted, ranked and expertly assessed to derive the score on a simple and easy to understand ranking scale

ScorePlay™ Criteria

Field parameters

  • Surface regularity
  • Water infiltration
  • Moisture and irrigation
  • Lines, run-offs and equipment
    and more…


  • Ground cover
  • Thatch depth
  • Effective root depth
  • Ground hardness or compaction
  • Sward color and height
  • Insect pests & diseases
    and more…

Performance / Player Welfare

  • Shock absorption
  • Head impact criteria
  • Vertical deformation
  • Energy restitution
  • Rotational resistance
  • Ball roll, ball rebound

Surface speed characterization (Baseball and Cricket)


Note: additional ScorePlay™ criteria can be included within the assessment on a project specific basis from our extensive range of testing options.