Maintaining a quality natural turf playing surface year-round requires the turf management team to blend sound practical experience with a knowledge of the basic principles of turf management. The successful turf manager needs to have a good feel and understanding of the plant and soil system.

Questions you might ask about natural turf field:

  • What makes a good turf grass?
  • Grass types preferred by sports?
  • How to identify different grasses?
  • How to choose the right grass according to climate?
  • What impact does climat have on naturel turf?
  • How to manage your naturel turf sports fields if they are used intensively ?
  • What are the challenges with transitional turf management?
  • How long before couch recovers to restore full cover?
  • How the surface performs depens on what lies below the surface?
  • How does the root system interacts with soil?
  • How do we get a better understanding of our soil?
  • Do we need equipment to maintain a sports field?
  • How does poor drainage and aeration affect turf performance?
  • How to apply herbicides?
  • What are objectives of a soil test?
  • What is performance testing system?

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