Sports design is the intentional process of creating a plan or specification for the implementation of a new or existing facility.

Good design will satisfy project objectives and features performance, aesthetic and functional qualities; compliant with relevant regulations and following best practice.

The process of completing a design could be simple or complex and may involve research, negotiation, reflection, modelling, tailoring and interactive adjustment.

Sport facility design
Sport facility design

Design process

Labosport are recognised as a global authority in the design and specification, technical parameters, construction support and independent quality control of all types of surfacing for all sports.

The design process begins with client consultations to develop a brief which outlines the deliverables and scope of the project including works, timing and budget. Labosport will translate your project concept into an assured design solution; into a configuration, a model, a plan or specification to achieve the scheme’s designated objectives.

To successfully complete the design process, Labosport will share our knowledge and expertise with you to secure an ideal design solution including site analysis, site inventory, land planning and sustainable design; all to ensure that plans accurately reflect your project requirements.

Labosport offer a multi-disciplinary team to prepare your design solution with expertise in chemistry, engineering, agronomy, sports performance and material science, technical consultancy with laboratory testing and on-site diagnosis as well as comprehensive project consultancy and management services. This combination makes us unique and to recommend the optimum design solution, we will identify and analyse all critical factors and considerations that could involve:

  • Spatial arrangements, opportunities and constraints
  • Financial and economic limits
  • Land boundaries, easements, encroachments or rights of way
  • Complimentary access, welfare and management requirements
  • Potential physical hazards (e.g. historical coal mining, utilities and services, adverse ground conditions, contaminated ground or landfill, flood resilience)
  • Potential impacts to surrounding land, neighbour amenity, biodiversity and ecology
  • Political land designations

Your benefits

  • Our solution will provide design certainty and will remove project risks.
  • We understand the needs of players and what is required to produce a quality surface via a reliable ap­proach.
  • Our experts will provide you best information about sports surfaces, their construction, how they perform, appropriate standards and maintenance requirements. ​
  • Our engineers and consultants are known worldwide and support projects from iconic stadia to community fields and are always committed to underta­king work to the highest level and maintain a flexible ap­proach.