In Canada, playground surface safety is regulated by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), which sets standards for impact attenuation and other safety factors for different types of playground surfaces. These standards are intended to reduce the risk of injury from falls and other accidents on playgrounds.

The CSA standards require that playground surfaces provide sufficient impact attenuation to reduce the risk of injury from falls. The standard specifies a maximum height for each type of playground equipment and sets requirements for the depth and type of surfacing material required around the equipment to reduce the risk of injury.

The most common types of playground surfacing material used in Canada include engineered wood fiber, rubber tiles, and poured-in-place rubber. Each of these materials has different characteristics and properties that affect its safety and durability, and it is important to select the right material for the specific playground application.

Regular maintenance and inspection of playground surfaces are also essential to ensure their safety. The CSA recommends that playgrounds be inspected by a qualified inspector at least once a year to identify any issues that may affect their safety.

Overall, playground surface safety is an important consideration for anyone involved in the design, construction, or maintenance of playgrounds in Canada. By following the CSA standards and ensuring regular maintenance and inspection of playground surfaces, we can help to reduce the risk of injury and create safe, enjoyable play environments for children.

Labosport provides a certification of compliance under CSA Z614 standard specifications which covers:

  • play structures
  • amortizing surface dimensions
  • fall risk
  • entrapment and entanglement risk

Impact Attenuation of Surfacing Materials (ASTM) F1292 establishes minimum performance requirements of the amortizing surface under playground equipment and is a part of the CSA Z614 certification procedure.

Measurements and tests include:

  • Determination of structures fall heights
  • Head Injury Criterion (HIC) testing
  • Detection of entrapment points (with probes)
  • Detection of entanglement points (with probes)
  • General evaluation of risks

Labosport is Canada’s only playground equipment and playground surface testing laboratory. It is ISO 17025 certified, fully compliant to CSA Z614 standards, and certified by the Canadian Parks and Recs Association.