The service

TrackMark is UK Athletics’ new quality assurance scheme for outdoor Track & Field Athletics facilities. A venue that achieves TrackMark will be recognised by UKA as having well managed, well maintained facilities that are accessible to participants of all abilities.

What we do

As a World Athletics (IAAF) accredited test institute, Labosport can provide inspection, surveying and testing services for the TrackMark Scheme. Our team of experienced engineers and consultants will come to your track and evaluate the athletics track surface for a number of parameters, we will also carry out survey and measurement work on the field event facilities, such as the cage for hammer / discus throw, landing mattresses for high jump and pole vault and the pits for long and triple jump. The results are then inputted onto a UK Athletics Report and given to the operator who will then upload them on to their dedicated TrackMark Portal.

The TrackMark programmes provides advice and recommendations to the operator if a facility requires any immediate rectification works, or suggests when works will be required in the future. This information helps operators to plan ahead for investment in the facility to ensure that it is a safe and enjoyable environment for its users.

Uk Athletics Trackmark scheme - Labosport

UK Athletics Trackmark scheme - Labosport