Why is testing and certification required on sports surfaces?

Synthetic sports surfaces are used in many areas of the world due to their ability to sustain intensive use throughout challenging weather conditions. However, the product range of synthetic surfaces exhibits significant quality differences between the myriad of systems available. Many sports federations reccomend (or mandate) certification of synthetic surfaces in accordance with specific test methods and standards.

What process is involved?

Different tests and certifications apply at different stages of a project. Typically, surfaces are initially tested extensively in the lab prior to focused field tests once the system has been installed. Sports facilities will often need to be re-tested on a periodic basis to ensure conformity to the required standard(s). This can be linked to a requirement of a specific competition (i.e. part of sports federation’s regulations) or to ensure the facility is still ‘fit for purpose’ and being managed and maintained to the required standard.

Sports surface testing- Labosport

What is tested?

Ball interactions

  • Ball rebound
  • Ball roll speed & consistency
  • Ball pace & bounce
  • Splash
Sports surface testing - Labosport

Player interactions

  • Shock absorption
  • Energy return
  • Stability (deformation)
  • Friction
    • Linear,Rotational,Skin friction (burns)
  • Head Impacts (HIC)
Sports surface testing - Labosport

Material qualities

  • Resistance to UV
  • Resistance to simulated ageing
  • Joint strength
  • Tensile strength
  • Abrasion resistance
Sports surface testing- Labosport

Build quality

  • Levels
  • Planarity
  • Dimensions
  • Finish
Sports surface testing- labosport

What standards can Labosport test?

Labosport laboratories and technicians sustain an extensive scope of accreditations including ISO17025 to assure technical competence and integrity. We are able to test all surfaces to the appropriate national and international standard(s) such as:

  • National and International standards: EN, ISO, ASTM, NFP, BS, CSA, etc.
  • National and International governing body standards; FIFA, World Rugby, IAAF, FIH, ITF, AFL, FEI etc.

 Labosport has extensive global capacity including 16 laboratories around the world. We are able to undertake tests, respond quickly to client demands and provide a cost-effective solution for the full range of sports surface testing and certification anywhere in the world.