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Lisport XL

Labosport’s LISPORT™ XL is the latest generation of synthetic turf wear testing and a proud successor of the LISPORT™ test, which has been used as a global reference for over a decade. It is specifically designed to imitate the wear patterns that result from the compressive stress of football studs (cleats) and the abrasive wear caused by flat-soled sports shoes.

The development process of this technology took over five years, during which extensive trials were conducted to ensure that the LISPORT™ XL replicates the wear patterns seen on real fields. This marks a significant advancement in the field, and the industry has already embraced it as the most advanced way of producing realistic simulated patterns.

Method Advantages of LISPORT XL

  • Das Abnutzungsmuster ist extrem realistisch und ist in der Lage, jahrelange intensiver Nutzung* innerhalb von Tagen.
  • Die Prüfdauer ist um den Faktor 10 kürzer als beim herkömmlichen LISPORT™ (bei gleicher Probenlänge).
  • Für Vergleichstests und die Produktentwicklung können mehrere Systeme unter exakt gleichen Bedingungen getestet werden.
  • Die Proben sind mehr als 4 m lang, so dass eine Vielzahl von Tests nach bestehenden (FIFA) und in Entwicklung befindlichen Normen durchgeführt werden kann.

The LISPORT XL is a distinctive wear simulation machine that has been carefully designed by LABOSPORT teams to provide the most authentic wear simulation of sports fields. It operates by using a guided trolley that moves across the sports surface, consisting of four elements: two freely rotating rollers fitted with particular studs and two vibrating plates fitted with a rubber sole specifically chosen to imitate sports shoes. All variables, such as trolley speed and reciprocating amplitude, have been precisely calibrated to reproduce typical wear patterns that occur in real-life scenarios.