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A4SEE Consortium

Labosport is a proud member of the The European Alliance for Sports Engineering Education (A4SEE), a consortium of Universities and Industry partners that strive to improve the education of both student and professional sport engineers and to improve cooperation between industry and academia.

Labosport is dedicated to the A4SEE mission, and most recently hosted its Innovation Marketplace at the Labosport France office in Le Man. Students and staff members of the Innovation Marketplace spent an enlightening 3 days in the heart of the Le Mans 24 hour race track.

Participants had a unique opportunity to learn all about Labosport’s business and technical needs for future surface characterization. Putting the athlete and the user at the heart of the innovations, Labosport detailed the current array of testing methods available and the requirements of FIFA testing. Teams were also tasked with refining or revolutionising measurement methods, helping to meet the companies future strategic needs.