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Our Mission, Purpose & Values

Since Dominique Boisnard founded Labosport in 1993, our story has always been about innovation, safety, and high standards.

Our mission is to work in all sports and on all existing surfaces. We aim to expand our geographical presence while constantly innovating and pushing boundaries. We strive to grow our work in sports infrastructure and equipment, while enhancing our brands and embracing new technologies and ways of working. We are committed to promoting a positive working culture where our values of excellence, integrity, and rigor are upheld. We believe in being a sustainable business that cares for and develops our staff. Our vision is to become the dominant global company for consultancy, testing, and education in all aspects of sport surfaces, sport infrastructure, and sport equipment. As one company with different brands in different regions, we will continue to deliver the highest quality service to our clients and stakeholders, while upholding our values and commitments.

About Labosport

Labosport is a sport surface testing and consulting firm that was founded by Dominique Boisnard in France in 1993. Today, Labosport has a global presence with offices and laboratories in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas.
The company strives continuously to innovate in order to enhance the quality, safety, and durability of sports surfaces, testing equipment and standards. Over the years, Labosport has assembled a robust, multi-disciplinary team with expertise in chemistry, engineering, agronomy, instrumentation, and material science. It serves clients in over 100 countries where it has established itself the most trusted company in the sports surface testing and consulting industry. Labosport provides consulting and advisory services to clients on topics related to sports surfaces, including design, construction, maintenance, and management.
Labosport’s mission is to enhance sports infrastructures and leisure facilities worldwide continually, working with both local communities, such as clubs and schools, as well as world-class stadia. The company’s focus is on safety, performance, durability, and sustainability.
Labosport’s unique brand position is built on its commitment to innovation, quality, and expertise. It has invested heavily in research and innovation, developing new testing methodologies and equipment to evaluate sports surfaces with greater accuracy and precision.
Labosport is recognized as a partner for sports organizations and governing bodies around the world. The company is accredited by many organizations to conduct testing and certification of sports surfaces, demonstrating adherence to the highest standards for quality, competence, and impartiality.