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Industry Insights

Dr. Carolyn Webb at FIFA / World Rugby Round Robin 2023

Dr. Carolyn Webb provides an update live from FIFA and World Rugby Round Robin, 2023. Site Manager Dr. Carolyn Webb broadcasts from Round Robin in 2023.

Labosport France: Irrigating Sports Pitches (Agronomy) Webinar Replay

  Water is vital to the long-term future of sports pitches. Managing it efficiently is a major challenge if we are to reconcile performance, sustainability, and respect for the environment. Our agronomists, Pierre Decap from Labosport and Pierre Roussel from Labosol,...

Louis Keeley Highlights Key Benefits of Hiring a Consultant

Labosport UK Project Consultancy Labosport Consultant Louis Keeley highlights the key benefits of hiring a consultant.

Professor David James on Ball Trajectory

Professor David James explains the importance of understanding ball trajectory.

Professor David James on Non-Watered Hockey Surfaces

Non-Watered Hockey Surfaces Professor David James discusses non-watered surfaces Hockey Surfaces after returning from the AMI Conference in Barcelona in 2022.

What Does it Mean to be a FIFA Research Institute?

The team at Labosport UK discuss what it means to be a FIFA Research Institute.