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For over 25 years, the LISPORT™ has been the global benchmark for wear testing. Originally developed by Labosport in the late 1990s to replicate the aging of synthetic turf, it has become the standard device for simulating turf aging.

The LISPORT™ is still used in the European Standard for synthetic turf and is utilized by architects in countries without their own standards. Additionally, it is an important tool for manufacturers conducting internal R&D on new products.

Benefits of Lisport Service:

The LISPORT™ is used to replicate the ageing of synthetic turf and has become the standard device for simulating turf ageing.

The LISPORT™ test method involves a high level of wearing in the yarn and a pulling effect that allows for the assessment of the holding of yarns from the backing carpet. Only a small sample is needed, making it easy to use for R&D of products when raw materials are limited.

The LISPORT™ is currently the EN standard method for the European market (EN15306 and EN 15330) and features a special stud pattern that generates homogeneous wear.

How It Works

Two rollers equipped with 145 standard studs are used to roll over the sample. The rollers are connected by a chain with a specific gear ratio of 1:1.75, resulting in a high level of friction in the longitudinal axis. The sample is placed in a holder that is capable of producing a transverse movement, which in turn generates transverse friction.