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Training & Education

Bespoke Solutions

We have the expertise to develop a bespoke course or qualification to suit specific needs. Please use our CONTACT FORM to let us know what type of training solution you require. One of our project managers will be in touch.

Short Online Courses

Our Short Online Courses All of these courses are delivered online. Please check back regularly to see what's available. Characteristics and requirements of sports turf surfaces The aim of this course is to: describe how the natural environment is modified for sports...

Sports Turf Courses

Sports Turf Plants This course explains the factors that contribute to healthy plant growth and teaches how to identify the different grass and other plant species commonly used for sports turf. Students will learn how different species need slightly different...

Turf Management Modules

This program features seven turf management modules covering all the aspects of cool season natural Turf Managment of sports surfaces. Successful completion of the module assessments will certify learners with the Labosport Certificate in Sports Turf Management.