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Soil Impact Tester (Clegg Hammer)

The Clegg Hammer has been one of the most commonly used tools since the 1970s for assessing the strength and stiffness properties of surfaces such as natural turfgrass, soil playing surfaces, and aggregates. Our device has been strictly designed in accordance with the ASTM F1702 standard.

Features of Clegg Hammer:

  • Compliant with standard ASTM F1702
  • CIV / g-max from 20 to 250
  • CIV / g-max resolution : 1
  • CIV display in screen and storage in SD card
  • Easy and quick to collect data
  • Cheapest device to measure strength ans stiffness of soils
  • Option : GPS coordinate and apps

How It Works

The Clegg Hammer is a well-established testing device consisting of a flat, round metal missile equipped with an accelerometer. The missile is lifted to a height of 45.7 cm (18 inches) and dropped through a guiding tube. The impact value is automatically displayed and recorded by the datalogger.