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Australian Rules Football (Footy)

About Australian Rules Football


The Game: Australian rules football, also known as Aussie rules or footy, is a sport played with an oval ball on an oval field. The game is played by two teams of 18 players, with the objective being to score points by kicking the ball between the goalposts. The team that scores the most points at the end of the game wins. Australian rules football is a popular sport in Australia, and it is also played in some other countries, including South Africa, Canada, and the United States.

The Tests: There are several tests commonly used to evaluate peformance and safety, including surface hardness, shock absorbency, ball bounce, slip resistance, surface moisture, surface levelness, and surface drainage.

The Details: The governing body for Australian rules football at the national level is the Australian Football League (AFL), which is the professional league for the sport. The AFL is responsible for overseeing and promoting the sport of Australian rules football in Australia, and it is made up of 18 teams located in cities and regions across the country. The league is widely followed and is one of the most popular sports leagues in Australia.

At the international level, the sport is governed by the International Australian Football Council (IAFC), which is a confederation of national Australian football organizations from around the world. The IAFC was founded in 1994 and is responsible for promoting and developing the sport of Australian rules football internationally. The IAFC organizes international competitions, such as the Australian Football International Cup, which is held every three years and features teams from around the world.

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