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The purpose of the sport of bowls is to roll balls, called bowls, towards a smaller ball, called a “jack,” and to get as many of your bowls as close to the jack as possible. The game is played by individuals, pairs, or teams of four, and the team or player with the most bowls closest to the jack is the winner. Bowls is played on a flat, grassy surface called a “green,” which is divided into parallel playing strips called “rinks.”

Each player or team has their own rink. The game is played according to specific rules and regulations, which are set by the international governing body for the sport, World Bowls. In addition to World Bowls, there are also national governing bodies for bowls in many countries around the world. These organizations are responsible for promoting and developing the sport of bowls within their respective countries and for organizing national tournaments and events.

In the United States, the governing body for bowls is the United States Lawn Bowls Association (USLBA). The USLBA is responsible for promoting the sport of bowls in the United States and for organizing national and international tournaments and events. Other national governing bodies for bowls include Bowls England, Bowls Scotland, Bowls Australia, and Bowls New Zealand, among others.

World Bowls