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Mr. Nishant
Field and Laboratory Technician
My expertise lies in the realm of civil engineering and CAD. Currently, I'm engaged in Labosport, where I excel in both lab and field testing of sports facilities, particularly in the assessment of grounds.
Favourite Quote
Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude. - Lou Holtz
Job Summary
Engaged in both field and lab testing, proficient in CAD for creating detailed drawings. Expertise includes comprehensive testing and meticulous documentation. Specialized in transforming intricate data into concise and compelling summaries. Passionate about precision and innovation in every aspect of the job.
Career Accomplishments
I studied civil engineering, got a degree, and even mastered building design. Now, I dive into the world of sports fields. I check synthetic ones to make sure they're good to go and test natural fields. It's like combining what I learned with hands-on stuff. From drawings to real fields, that's my thing.
Languages Spoken
Hindi and English
Exploring lush green mountains, immersing myself in the melody of music, and savoring the blissful solitude that comes with it—these are the harmonious notes that compose the symphony of my favorite pastimes.

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