As the major laboratory dedicated to sport surfaces and sport equipment, LABOSPORT has always been at the forefront of the industry. We constantly innovate to improve the overall quality, safety and durability of sport surfaces and equipment. We are passionate to do the best job possible and maintain a flexible approach at all times. Our success relies on our objectivity, our reputation and independence regarding manufacturers, sport federations or any interested third party.

LABOSPORT provides a COMPREHENSIVE OFFER from laboratory testing to on-site diagnosis : a thorough coverage of the sport surface life cycle, for all sports, for all surfaces.

Technical Consulting

Over the years LABOSPORT has developed a strong multi-disciplinary team with expertise in chemistry, engineering, agronomy, sport performance and material science. Such combination makes us unique.

Our engineers and consultants are known worldwide and support project from iconic stadia to community fields. We understand the needs of players and what is required to produce a quality surface, through a down to earth approach.

Testing & Certification

Labosport provides a complete offer of lab and field certification services according to :

  • National and International Governing Body standards; FIFA (FIFA Quality Manual & Goal Line Technology), World Rugby, IAAF,FIH, ITF, AFL, FIBA etc…
  • National and International standards; EN, ISO, ASTM, NFP, BS, CSA, etc…

Labosport has a full range of testing services applicable to all types of sport surfaces: natural and artificial turf (including football, rugby, field hockey, tennis, cricket, lawn-bowls and multi-use), synthetic (including athletics, tennis and multi-use) and indoor sport hall flooring (including badminton, basketball, tennis, volley-ball and futsal), complemented by a unique offer of LABOSPORT proprietary Labels

Audit & Diagnosis

As a fully inndependent laboratory from manufacturers, sport federations or any interested third party, we provide audit & diagnosis services on any type of surfaces : condition surveys of existing facilities, failure diagnosis/field investigation, expert witness services in legal disputes.

For natural and hybrid turf we have developped the LABOSPORT ScoreplayTM, a unique field monitoring service combining sport performance testing and agronomy evalution supported by our multi years experience and records on both activities.

Education & Training

LABOSPORT has become a global authority on the design, construction, and performance of sports surfaces.  Through its Education and Training services LABOSPORT is able to share its knowledge and expertise with your staff, allowing them to have the best possible information about sports surfaces, their construction, how they perform, the appropriate standards facilities need to satisfy and the adequate maintenance procedures. ​

So irrespective of the sports to be played or the type of surface (natural turf, synthetic turf, polymeric surfacing, or indoor sports hall flooring )come to LABOSPORT and increase your knowledge. Our Training Services are available worldwide and can be tailored to meet your precise requirements; we are able to provide one to one or group training sessions, either at one of our bases or your premises.