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Chemical Analysis

At Labosport we specialize in environmental and sustainability research for artificial sport surfaces.

Chemical composition is a fundamental factor in the performance and stability of synthetic surfaces. International standards exist for the control of the chemical composition of products and Labosport’s certification program has been developed to assist with this.

Local communities and professional associations need to measure correctly the environmental impact of the products they purchase and install. They especially need to address any health risk concerns that come to them from athletes or the community.

Key Benefits

  • Labosport has an integrated chemical laboratory and works to help clients answer both quality control and environmental impact questions.
  • We take part in the development of environmental standards within different normalization committees.
  • We can test a comprehensive range of compounds (such as heavy metals, PAHs, phthalates, and phenols) according to REACH regulations (EU standards) and CPSC/CPSIA, FDRA, and the EPA (North American standards).
  • We understand what is required to produce a high-quality synthetic turfs.