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Roberto Armeni
Laboratory Director
Expertise in coordinating people and activities as a team, managing the company on a daily basis, organizing and motivating people.
Favourite Quote
Everything will be fine in the end. If it doesn't go well, then it's not the end.
Job Summary
Coordinate all the activities of the subsidiary. Member of the Executive Committee. Technical director for the ISO accreditation. Responsible of developing, writing and validate all the methods used in the subsidiary for ISO and not. Responsible of the quality for Labosport group, the aim of the activity is to hamonize internal methods and standards within the group as well as operative procedures and instruments management. Contact person for FIFA on behalf of the group, TAG member. President of ISSS coordinating the improvement of the WA testing manual. Contact person for all the national federations, developing with them new methods/studies/consulting. Technical and commercial contact with all subsidiaries' clients. World Skate consultant. World Padel consultant. Chairman of TC217 and active member of TC217 WG06 - WG11. Active member of TC 136 WG1/SC1. Expert representing UNI at CEN.
Career Accomplishments
Developing of the LND testing Manual. Developing of several test methods adopted by FIFA and brought to CEN to become a standard. Manufcaturing and improvement of the machines today used in the group. I gave Labosport a voice internationally through CEN.
Languages Spoken
Italian - English - French
Sail boats - Motor boats - Race cars - Swimming - Snorkeling

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