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Blair Drew
Laboratory Technician
Experienced in many Laboratory Methods, Sample Preparation, Laboratory Equipment and Calibrations.
Favourite Quote
Don’t count the days ,make the days count.
Job Summary
Sample preparation, testing Samples, recording data , calibration of any laboratory equipment , maintaining adequate stock of chemicals, data input and generally provide support wherever the demand is greatest.
Career Accomplishments
Joining as a trainee Laboratory Technician to where I find myself today as a competent and experienced laboratory technician has been my biggest accomplishment.I feel very proud and honoured to have been involved in the growth of ETL in the last 6 years and 10 months.It has allowed me to improve myself and giving me the opportunity to be involved with some of the biggest venues in the world.
Languages Spoken
I enjoy football,Golf and I also referee football games as well.For 13 years heavily involved in the Boy Brigade achieving many awards.

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