Tara McLeod

Teaching & Development Specialist

"Agronomist - natural turf (golf, bowls and sportsfields)
Lecturer - sports turf and horticulture
Development of training solutions for clients
Resource developer for training and technical resources
GEO Certifier
Project management for training and agronomy clients
Growsafe trainer and Compliance Certifier - safe agrichemical use"

Areas of Expertise

"Sales of training and agronomic solutions Project management Lecturing and teaching and learning pedagogy Resource design and development "

Career Accomplishments

"Bachelor Horticulture - majoring in turf management
Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education - Level 5
Certificate in Tertiary Teaching - Level 5
Accredited Growsafe Trainer and Compliance Certifier
Developing and winning major contracts for horticulture training for Labosport"

Languages Spoken


Favourite Pastimes

"Spending time with my family
International travel

Favourite Quote

You have this one life. Be brave, Believe in yourself, Do what feels good, Take risks, Make yourself proud