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Indoor Sports Flooring


  •  You’re building a new gymnasium.
  •  You’re planning a renovation of an existing gymnasium
  •  You wish to make an inspection on an existing floor covering.

You know the essential characteristics of the choice of flooring installed because :

  • It conditions all the performances and safety of the sportsmen who use it.
  • It is implemented within the framework of a building site subject to compulsory ten-year insurance.
  • It implies perfect quality, not only in the materials supplied, but above all in the quality of the support slab and the installation work.


The support structure of the sports floor must meet the requirements of standard NF P90-202.
The laid sports flooring must meet :

  • The requirements of the standard EN 14904 and FIBA manual.
  • Fire resistance standards.
  • All the hygiene and safety regulations particularly the regulations on chemical substances (REACH, CMR, VOC…).

The ground must meet the requirements of the various sports federations concerned in case of use in competition.
The gymnasium must comply with ERP regulations, tailored to its use.


Checking the condition of the foundation before laying the flooring

LABOSPORT carries out a specific inspection of the foundation before laying the sports flooring.

This inspection allows you to :

  • Detect defects at a stage where it is still possible to simply correct them.
  • Protect you against the most frequent causes of defects.
  • To establish the responsibilities of the various parties involved in the construction site by announcing an intermediate acceptance.

Final inspection of the flooring after installation

LABOSPORT carries out an inspection of the sports floor at the end of the installation (sporting qualities, safety criteria). This inspection allows to :

  • Assist you in the approval of your work with the help of a third party report, perfectly objective and carried out by an experienced technician.
  • Protect you against any type of complaint from users as to the quality of the surface or its potentially accidental nature.
  • Have your pitch approved for future competitions officially recognized by sports federations.


LABOSPORT carries out the investigations necessary for the evaluation of an existing soil ( surveying, drilling, video inspection, measurement of sporting qualities…).
This assessment provides an objective and measurable evaluation of the characteristics of the existing surface in order to :

  • Plan preliminary preparatory work on the foundation layer for the laying of the new sports floor (flatness, dryness, cracks, unevenness).
  • Ensure that the present or future surface complies with the regulations (fire resistance standards, sports standards and regulations, etc.).
  • To carry out an evaluation in the event of a disaster.


  • Fire Resistance
  • Inspections after maintenance work (slippage, etc.)
  • Ball impact resistance checks (suspended ceilings, billboards, light fixtures, etc.)
  • Emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Harmful chemical content
  • Lighting
  • Acoustic reverberation
  • Security of climbing walls
  • Safety of landing mats (jumping, gymnastics, climbing, martial arts…)
  • Conformity of equipment, anchors, goals, posts and nets
  • Others (consult us) .
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