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Labosport Group Celebrates 3 Decades of Service & Innovaton

In January, Labosport celebrated its 30th anniversary in Paris. From the first laboratory in France in 1993, under management of its founder/director Dominique Boisnard, to a world-renown brand with subsidiaries around the world, Labosport has never lost sight of its values, roots, or passion for innovation. It is now actively delivering projects in approximately 100 countries around the world.

Labosport History

“We are proud of our powerful legacy throughout our 30-year history. It is still driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of its first teams,” said Pascal Marmey, Managing Director of Labosport France. “We wanted to bring our global staff together to mark this incredible milestone which was achieved through the hard work and dedication of so many people.”

We continues to innovate and to invest in research and product development. “We boast a strong team of multi-disciplinary engineers and scientists, and we are proud of our unrivalled track record of delivering innovation in new technologies and services for our customers” said Prof. David James, Managing Director of Labosport UK.

“We have a strong innovation pipeline of new products and services at different stages of development, all of them addressing the strategic needs of our niche industry. Our teams are inspired to launch this next generation of transformative products and services in the coming years.”

It is grateful it could celebrate with its valued partners, clients, and friends.

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