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Our experts identify potential issues and conduct tests in a variety of settings, including the laboratory, field, or simulated environments. We verify specifications and requirements are met.

Labosports has experts in all sports, and this section includes a list of the most common sports requested by our clients.

We can assist with certifications after our experts confirm a surface meets the expected standards and requirements.

Player safety, performance, and the overall quality of the playing experience are just some reasons we test sport surfaces.

It is important to evaluate the performance, safety, and quality of sports equipment to ensure that it meets standards.

Virtual Offside Line (VOL) and Video Assistant Referee (VAR) are evolving technologies used in associated football (soccer).

Lighting systems are used to illuminate sports fields and stadiums to provide sufficient conditions for players & officials.

Goal Line Technology (GLT) involves sensors & technology to determine the ball’s position relative to the goal line.

Goal post testing involves a variety of simulated load conditions and impacts from different angles and velocities.