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New Cloud-Based Track Management

The New Zealand Sports Turf Institute has developed two bespoke track management platforms for New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) and Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ).

New Cloud-Based Track Management

Both systems use a common database architecture, live data visualisation and hardware, but each system has a bespoke track testing protocol and reporting system.

The platform features national and individual track views to allow various stakeholders to see the track information without contacting the respective track manager. Each site is hosted on a secure website with individual login credentials.

The mytrackmanager version provides the national track manager oversight of 32 racetracks with the ability to go into each racecourse and see detailed results for the current race meeting and trend data over time, whilst the mygreyhoundtrack version features six regional tracks.

A feature of the platform is attaining live data entry from the track; it is achieved by incorporating a 4G LTE tablet. The hardware is a commercial of the shelf (COTS) 8.7” 4G LTE tablet with a shockproof water-resistant casing designed for a variety of working conditions track managers often encounter.

Track managers upload track readings into the portal using the built-in 4G connectivity, reducing potential errors in data handling over the paper-based systems used previously. The system calculates the various track ratings, removing the need for track managers to complete mathematical calculations.

The track management portals also have a communication feature which allows for shared document libraries, calendars or other critical stakeholder information. Settings allow for the document to be view-only or available for download, which is great for templates.

This communication feature also allows for connection to a client’s cloud storage and enables the user to share files and images with an individual track or across the entire group and vice versa. This feature will rapidly evolve as track managers make use of the power of cloud computing.

To enhance this feature, NZSTI has deployed a series of templates for operations management, budgets, health and safety and track managers can utilise these through the portal.

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