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TrackMark Scheme

Labosport will get you on the right track fast.

TrackMark is the UK Athlethics’ quality assurance and safety scheme for track and field facilities. Only facilities that are working toward or have completed TrackMark accreditation qualify for a competition license.

Labosport is a UK Athletics recognised facility test house capable of assisting facilities with obtaining the relevant TrackMark accreditation. It is the only test house able to accommodate the necessary testing for Units 1, 2, 5, 6 and cage pull tests, therefore providing a one-stop shop for TrackMark Accreditation.

Labosport is a sports engineering consultancy and testing laboratory with extensive knowledge of the design, testing and certification of athletics tracks, therefore all recommendations for short, medium and long term works to the facility will be accurately provided.

    Labosport have completed more than 100 TrackMark Assessments
    Labosport have operatives based all over the UK, so its team can respond in record time.
    Labosport clients have shared many success stories where quick Labosport services have enabled access to funding.

    Download TrackMark PDF

For more information, please contact our
Senior Consultant Louis Keeley:

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