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Labosport Technicians Participate in Round Robin 2022

In May 2022, Labosport attended the annual Round Robin in Madrid, where technicians were examined by several governing bodies over 10 days. This included FIFA/World Rugby/FIH/Futsal and goalpost testing. It was a significant event because it was cancelled the last few years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Labosport Technicians Participate

Labosport sent 18 technicians from the UK, Italy, France and Canada. It is estimated 100 technicians took part from institutes all over the world. The week began with four days of assessment by FIFA and World Rugby. This included testing one football and one rugby pitch using the equipment required for a comprehensive performance test. The results were documented and technicians observed, and both were analysed by representatives from the governing bodies.

The futsal and goalpost tests were the next set of scheduled tests, and these were completed in small groups. Technicians worked with governing body representatives to ensure the correct techniques and methods were used.

The FIH Round Robin was held on two separate hockey pitches over two days. Comparable to the FIFA/World Rugby event, the technicians were examined on the complete suite of performance tests required for the FIH test.

Labosport’s trip to Spain was an enormous success. Technicians enjoyed the warm weather and the opportunity to meet teams from other test institutes.

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